Dual Diagnosis Intervention

Dual Diagnosis InterventionDual Diagnosis is the new phrase people in the medical community want to use so much now. Dual Diagnosis often winds up being a substance abuse problem only. Without proper assessment when a person is free from chemicals, it is difficult to determine exactly what is co-occurring. Everyone who uses substance in an abusive behavior will have other issues present until they are clean of the substance. It may be there is an issue present and they were using the substance to medicate the other issue but they need to be clean of the abusive substance 1st. even if there is a family genetic history present. Most Alcoholics are Depressed, Alcohol is a depressant, does this mean they should diagnosed with clinical depression and give psychotic medications on top of taking Alcohol? They won’t STOP drinking because they are taking the medication for the depression.

We are not saying that dual diagnosis never exists, however almost every time we see the substance abuser HEAL loose mental illness behaviors. This is providing the substance abuser goes to a treatment center long enough without psychiatric medications so they can become themselves again. If after long term treatment the substance abuser is still showing signs of other behavioral problems, than they should be assessed and treated accordingly.

More and more each day health care professionals like doctors, psychiatrists and therapist are coming up with more illnesses and more disorders. Commercials about medications now tell us that if one depression medicine does not work that you may need a second one to assist it. It is actually sad and scary how many treatment centers take substance abusers in for 28 days, drug them with psychiatric medications and then discharge them, no wonder the success rate of the average treatment center today is less than 10%. HEALing sea turtle discourages any family, whether you retain our services or not, from taking your loved one to a short term 30 day treatment that diagnosis your loved one for mental illness during the detoxification period. (Most detoxification periods last for 3-30 days and the person may not need detoxification at all) In almost every case the symptoms are not mental illness and are actually side affects of the substance abuse itself. It is only then with a long term treatment center can the person become HEALed.

HEALing sea turtle is going to make sure your loved one is taken the appropriate treatment center so that they are not just diagnosed with some disorder, given medications that make the addiction worse, and then sent home. Treatment centers are supposed to help people get to the underlying issues of why they drink or drug so they can stop the substance abuse behavior. Treatment centers are not suppose to give you more drugs so the substance abuser can never feel their emotions and become unable to change. Most of the calls we receive are from people who have been to a short term treatment center and it has not solved the problem! The doctors, or psychiatrist, who give psychiatric medications far to early and actually made the substance abuse far worse than before.

Please contact HEALing sea turtle and allow us the opportunity to see what might be the really problem. By doing the Intervention we can set everyone on the road to HEALing and the recovery process by treating the real issue.

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