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Executive Intervention

Executive InterventionExecutive intervention is very common for professionals ranging from doctors, lawyers stockbroker / financial advisors, to CEO’s and other high ranking professionals in business and finance.  Although all addicts and alcoholics are created equal, it is far more difficult and it requires far greater skill and professionalism to obtain willingness from a person with almost no leverage than from a person with leverage. The drive that is within each one of these type of people is what has also made them very successful in the careers, yet also given them the ability to want the escape which Alcohol / Drugs provides. Let’s take for example the Hedge Fund Manager who is making $1,000,000 a year is just bonuses alone and is having a 20 plus % percent return for his/her clients is a lot more difficult than the 21 year old Heroin user who is still living off of mom and dad facing possession charges.

Executive intervention comes down to making the addict or alcoholic accountable as well getting them to see that their addiction is affecting others to a degree that the addict or alcoholic may not necessarily see and the dangerous they are causing not only themselves but the people around them. Executive intervention also requires proper planning as far as the attendees at the intervention.  Executive intervention has less leverage it is important to have as many people who have been affected by the addiction, can be respected by the alcoholic or addict and can be a strong voice of reason. (Who is their mentor?)  It is not common with an executive intervention that we can make them feel any consequences of their addiction, other than with emotional leverage.

It is unfortunate that many people determine the severity of addiction by how much someone have in their bank account, what car they drive, or what job title they hold.  There is a saying that says addicts and alcoholics range from Yale to jail, Park Ave to park benches, people who have a million dollars and people who owe a million dollars and everywhere in between.

A lot of people call this a functioning Alcoholic / Addict! I can guarantee there is something not functioning in their lives. You have just not found it yet.

One of the hardest situations to overcome is when the intervention for professionals is for someone who is very intimidating, employs most of the people calling or is in control of all the finances.  It is very common for people to be afraid to confront the addict or alcoholic in this position for fear of losing their own jobs or the financial support they are receiving. HEALing sea turtle Interventionist come from similar backgrounds and positions as our clients, making establishing a connection with the substance abuser at the executive intervention easier.

In addition it can be more tricky to conduct an intervention for professionals without the proper help because of the schedules and demands of the professional needing treatment.  When HEALing sea turtle is preparing families for the intervention on family day and at pre-intervention we stress the importance that although this is an executive intervention, this intervention is just as much for the family as it is for the addict or alcoholic.  We may not have the same leverage or enabling at an executive intervention as we do a traditional intervention, however the emotional leverage is always the same.  Even when it is an intervention with a large amount of enabling and leverage it is almost always the emotional leverage that gets the addict or alcoholic to accept help anyway.  Intervention for professionals has to happen at some point otherwise the addict or alcoholic is going to eventually loose everything.

Business professionals feel that their problem is far less severe than it actually is.  It is also not uncommon for the person we are doing the intervention for to be more arrogant and have an above the law attitude, although this is not always the case.  In any event, you want to be prepared and have all basis covered when performing intervention for executives.  In the pre-intervention HEALing sea turtle Interventionist will make sure we uncover and handle all of the possible objections that can potentially arise during the intervention.  We also want to do the best we can to ensure the substance abuser that his or her affairs can and will be taken care of in their absence.  Not having the objections and affairs handled prior to the intervention itself is just one of the many things that can go wrong if an executive intervention is attempted without the presence of a professional interventionist.

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