Why Use HST?

HEALing sea turtle does more than 60 interventions a year with 97% going to treatment the day of the Intervention. Our Interventionists have been through interventions themselves in their own personal life and are HEALed from substance abuse. We know the pain that the Alcoholic / Addict is feeling and our staff knows the pain the family feels having to live in the cycle of addiction.

Our interventions are designed to bring a controlled bottom to the Addict/Alcoholic. The minimum time we are involved with each case is 3 months so that you hear one consistent voice from the Intervention Day through transitioning to life after treatment center.

  1. We will develop a custom Intervention plan for your loved one.
  2. We will find the right center for your Alcoholic / Addict which fits within your financial situation.
  3. We will transport them to the Center so you know they arrive safely
  4. Weekly communication between us, the center and you
  5. We will coach the family on breaking the enabling cycle.
  6. We will assist in after-treatment center life transitioning.
  7. We will work with your legal team, if necessary, to report to the courts on the progress they are making.

All of the above is included in base cost to insure the Alcoholic / Addict and the family get the best possible outcome so that everyone involved can become HEALed.

Alcoholism / Drug Addiction is a lifelong disease that only with the proper tools, training, and understanding of the disease can the HEALing process begin. This not only applies to them, BUT the family as well. Everyone needs to change their behavior so the HEALing process can begin and everyone can become HEALed. We are here to instruct you through the entire HEALing process.

Remember that there is a fundamental truth about addiction and recovery: Sooner or later everyone quits using alcohol or drugs. Some alcoholics or addicts quit after seeking treatment, directly because their family member has participated in a professional intervention and now refuses to enable any longer.  Others quit when they are arrested and go to prison.  Sooner or later, every addict quits. Our staff knows from experience that it is possible to live without the drama, the hurt, and the pain of addiction.  We want to help guide you to a more peaceful life. It’s time to stop enabling and stop hurting. Get the HEALing process started with one phone call.

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HEALing sea turtle, LLC and its staff do not provide Medical Treatment and are not Medical Doctors, Counselors, or a Treatment / Recovery Center. HEALing sea turtle, LLC is a Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Consulting Firm, and its advice does not replace the advice of Medical Professionals, Counselors, or Treatment / Recovery Centers.