The Story Behind the Sea Turtle

Jeff Pope, B.A., is the CEO and Chief Interventionist of HEALing sea turtle. He is also a master scuba diver. On his very first dive, he encountered a sea turtle and fell in love with its strength and grace. That was years before Jeff’s family intervened to save his life. During Jeff’s recovery process a family member, knowing his passion for the sea turtle, wrote him a letter identifying all the characteristics of the sea turtle.

Interventionist Jeff Pope diving with a sea turtle.Jeff realized then that the reason he identified so well with this aquatic creature wasn’t for its beauty. It was because, like the sea turtle, Jeff also had a hard exterior and was able to escape the realities of the world within the comfort of his shell.

Jeff spent years being withdrawn and feeling alone; hiding behind a façade, not confronting the things that bothered him. He suffered from the disease of addiction and alcohol was his shell where he would escape from his reality.

Jeff realized that like the sea turtle, he could only make progress by sticking his neck out, face his disease with courage, and make a slow and steady forward movement towards recovery.

The sea turtle has spirit of protection, healing, and inner knowledge. It was with these characteristics in mind that Jeff founded HEALing sea turtle.

Interventions are an investment into someone’s future, someone’s life. It is an investment that will steadily move forward, achieving its goal with slow progress and patience – like how a sea turtle moves. Jeff spent 18 years as a securities principle and partner with three Wall Street firms specializing in Trust and Estate Planning. He uses his expertise in selling non-tangible products into his interventions. Just like investments, one has to wait to see growth. The initial investment may be painful and require sacrifice; however, the end return is worth it.

Jeff and his team are about working with the families and the addict on stopping the cycle of addiction. They believe every addict can live in remission of the disease of addiction. They know through a compassionate, yet firm, intervention every addict can start the HEALing process and begin a new journey in life. Together, they help the family gather the life-long management skills they need to overcome this chronic disease and be HEALed for life.

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