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Before we hired Jeff we were at a complete loss as to what we could do to help our son as he struggled with his addictions. Jeff was with us every step of the way-from the intervention, to finding the right rehab and beyond. Before our son even went to rehab, Jeff had already helped the rest of us in the family understand a lot about this terrible disease, and the things we could do to not only help our son, but to help ourselves. Hiring Jeff was hands-down the best money we spent in this whole process. He was indispensable and worth every penny. The complete effort he puts into helping not only our addict, but the rest of us who are needing guidance and someone with experience to lean on was priceless. Trusting Jeff, and letting him lead us through this awful time was the best decision we could have made. We will highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with this kind of situation.

Kim R.

Jeff Pope and God saved my nephew’s life. Nephew was spiraling out of control. Almost killed himself via OD several times. Jeff gave us all direction as to what to do, how to do it – took him to treatment and thankfully, nephew’s alive and well. I know my nephew would not be alive today except for God and Jeff’s intervention. Jeff counseled the family. Held the treatment facility accountable. Helped all of us with sober living after treatment. Will never be able to thank Jeff enough. He was a family life saver – as well as my nephew.

Brenda G.

Beyond the professionalism of a hard transfer of my loved one, Jeff has been a continual support of me and my family – offering helpful and caring advice during a very difficult time. His efforts, wisdom and concern went above and beyond my expectations.

Cynthia S.

Jeff Pope has truly been a blessing to our family. There is no way I could not have taken care of everything needed to get my husband to treatment and take care of legal issues and paperwork with his employer. After the intervention, Jeff personally took my husband to the treatment facility. He was in contact weekly with my husbands counselor and called me regularly with updates. If your loved one is employed, there are legal issues issues to deal with such as FMLA and Disability. Jeff took care of all of that for me – from making that first phone call to let them know my husband had gone to treatment, to making sure all the paperwork was filled out and handled properly. I have not had to make any contact with my husbands employer. I was able to solely concentrate on my children and myself while my husband was in treatment.

Sharron D.

Within 2 days of our initial conversation, Jeff rescued our grandson from a dangerous situation in California and brought him to Texas for treatment. We have spent over $100,000 with numerous addiction treatment facilities over the last nine months. None had the impact on our grandson that Jeff had the first day they met. And none communicated with the family as effectively or frequently as Jeff and Deitra have. We had more contact with them and information from them in the first week of our partnership than we have had in the last nine months with other facilities. We are blessed to have them on the treatment team.

Karen P.

We called Origins Treatment Center to get our son admitted. We knew we couldn’t get him there without help. We told them we needed “The Best Interventionist ” because of our son’s unwillingness to get help. They suggested Jeff. He came the next day , talked to our son, loaded him up and was gone within 45 minutes. No problems and no trauma for any of us. He has talked with us and our son several times. He and his wife are definitely “The Best!”

Becky C.

When my close friend desperately needed help, Jeff and his staff at HEALing sea turtle saw that he got it. Jeff’s genuine compassion was evident as he walked us step by step up to, during and through the intervention process. Their professionalism was also obvious, when THEY contacted and worked out all the details with a great treatment center, his health insurance provider and even his employer. Removal of this enormous administrative (and time-consuming) burden from the family….was HUGE! So, why use HEALing sea turtle? Simple…..they’re the BEST.

Harold H.

When we didn’t know where to turn or what step to take next, Jeff was able to step in, find a treatment location for our son, and transfer him there that same night. Our son was in a very dangerous state, and without Jeff’s intervention, our son might not be alive today. After placement in the treatment center, Jeff continued to assist our family with the negotiations and communication regarding our son’s recovery, both with insurance and the treatment center.

Sandy K.

If you are considering an intervention for a loved one, stop considering and act!  I have experienced what addiction does to a family both as a child and now as an adult with my own family.  As traumatic as it is living it and as difficult as the actions you are asked to take may seem, trust me, it is all worth it.  It works!  As much as I wanted to question the process, I listened and I followed through with what I was told to do even though I was scared.  I didn’t remember the process my parents went through when I was a child to get my brother to recovery, but I knew it worked then and I believed and trusted that what Jeff was telling me to do would work now.  I’m not going to pretend that it was easy at any step; it was emotionally taxing, to say the least. Then I got that phone call and Jeff said, “his ticket has been used,” my heart soared and everything we had done was validated; I knew my loved one was safe. He could no longer hurt himself and was on his way to getting the help he so desperately needed.  He is in treatment now and HEALing; I am forever grateful to Jeff and Deitra for their guidance and commitment to my family. Trust the process, it may be scary, but if you listen, act and follow through, believe me IT WORKS!



I am a licensed counselor and addictions counselor with a busy private practice. From time to time I am consulted by individuals that require a more intensive level of care than I can provide on an outpatient basis. Or, sometimes I am consulted by family members needing help getting a friend or loved one into treatment for substance abuse issues. That’s when I call upon Jeff Pope at Healing Sea turtle. I have been working with Jeff and his staff for quite some time. I know that I can trust Jeff to provide top quality service to these individuals and families. I really don’t have time to be familiar with all the treatment programs that might be appropriate. But, that’s what Jeff does. He is familiar with programs all around the country. And, he can help people choose the best program for them. He provides everything necessary to facilitate entry into treatment – an intervention, support for families, transportation etc. He consistently keeps me up to date on a client’s progress so subsequent to discharge the client can be seamlessly transitioned to outpatient care. I know that I can rely on Jeff and I know that I can trust him to provide an unsurpassed quality of service.

Dr. Bob Radosta

We have had the real pleasure of working with Jeff from HEALing Sea Turtle on numerous occasions over the course of the past few months. Jeff’s understanding of a family’s needs combined with his insight and strong knowledge of addiction and recovery makes him an invaluable resource for interventions. His passion and dedication to helping addicts/alcoholics really shines through in the way he works with families to form a solid plan to end the cycle of abuse. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jeff and HEALing Sea Turtle in the future!

Recovery Consultants, LLC

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Origins Recovery Centers utilizes professional interventionists from around the country to prepare clients and their families for the treatment process and to facilitate the transport of clients to treatment. Jeff Pope and Healing Sea Turtles, Inc. regularly goes above and beyond for our patients and their families, often taking on hard and defiant cases, and successfully bringing them to treatment and supporting their families afterwards. Jeff and Healing Sea Turtle, Inc. can be counted on to provided reliable and trustworthy services.

Rob Park, LCDC
Executive Director
Origins Recovery Centers

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Pope and the intervention team at HEALing Sea Turtle: I was immediately impressed by the comprehensive approach they took to addiction recovery with my client. They remained as diligent in helping the family get the help they needed as they were in supporting the client himself. This is so critical because often times the client gets labeled as the “patient” when in fact the entire family system has become sick as a result of the addiction and chaos within the home. Without providing healing to the entire family it is unlikely that the client will be able to return to a healthy and supportive home, thus increasing his chances for relapse. HEALing Sea Turtle and Mr. Pope helped me feel at ease that while I was working hard with the client, so too was the family. Being able to communicate both with the family and the intervention team provided me with a clear view of how best to help my client and how to move forward in his care. I would highly recommend HEALing Sea Turtle and Jeffrey Pope and I look forward to working with them in the future!

Brennon Moore BS, CTT, MMHC-Intern
Judy Crane, LMHC, CSAT, CAP, Certified Trauma Therapist
The Refuge, A Healing Place

It is rare to find an interventionist whose philosophies on professionalism, patient care and clinical excellence so closely mirror that of our company.  Jeff and his team at Healing sea turtle are a rare find.  They meet each new client with loving and open arms while practicing appropriate and healthy boundaries.  They work extensively and tirelessly with each family to ensure the transition from home to a residential treatment environment is smooth and clinically appropriate.  Every patient that we have received from Jeff entered and completed our program successfully with ample, positive and healthy family support.  I would encourage anyone to pick up the phone and call Jeff.  Get your lives started.

Paige Germany WIllard
Sober Living by the Sea & Bayside Marin

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