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Prescription Drug Intervention

Prescription Drug InterventionPrescription Drug Intervention: Prescription Drug Intervention is the fastest going area of Intervention! Most people are initially prescribed the prescription because they had an injury, or went to the dentist and it was given to help relieve pain. As time goes on they continue to use it because they have become psychologically and physically addicted to the medicine. The user does not feel they have an addiction because a physician has prescribed it to them, and they, “in their minds”, are in pain. Their name is on the bottle. They went to the pharmacy not the street corner to purchase the medicine. But as time goes on the doctor either, ignores the warning signs and continues to write the prescription or they stop writing them the prescription and the user moves on to a new Doctor who will.  The truth of it all is most people are not in near as much pain as they think they are.

While I was at my only treatment center there was this man who checked in. I remember him telling me that he was taking over 50 different medications a day and most of them were for pain. He was seeing more than one Physician, but only using one pharmacy and yet no one communicated to each other the amount or what he was taking. In this case the user has some responsibility to tell each doctor what they are taking but, the Physician and Pharmacy should have talked to each other.

However this is not always the case. There are many addicts who “doctor shop” to have several physicians writing them prescriptions. They tend to pay with cash to each physician and pharmacy so they run less risk of getting caught. Not only is this very dangerous and addictive but it is illegal. Just because a physician writes them a prescription does not make taking it legal. It is no different than them buying it on the corner from drug dealers. Which ends up many times they are doing also when they can get a Physician to give them what they want.

Some of the most common prescriptions written are, Hydrocodone / Vicodin, Xanax / Alprazolam, Oxycontin, Percocet, Morphine, Ritalin, Adderall, and Dexedrine all are very addictive. The sad part of this is most people do not need to take these drugs except for a short period of time and yet they are so powerful it turns people into an addict because of the long-term use.

Prescription addiction is extremely powerful almost always requiring a Medical Detoxification and long term treatment to help the addict stop. After just a few months off of these medications and treatment the pain is gone or not near as bad as while they where using. The fact is taking large amounts of pain medications over time reduce the bodies ability to produce it own pain fighting ability. Remember although even when the medication is out of there system they still need treatment for the psychological effects of using these drugs.  This is why professional intervention is required. To help those involved find the proper Detoxification Center and the proper Addiction Treatment Center. They need both. Detoxification just makes sure their physical body is ok while they are comong off the medication with proper medical help it does not stop the Mental Obsession still going on in their mind that they need the drug. HEALing sea turtle Interventions will guide everyone through the proper treatment placement so that they return to everyone HEALed of their Addiction.

If someone you care about is addicted to pain medication, please seek help for them. It is highly unlikely they will ever ask for assistance themselves. Don’t let them land in jail for “Doctor Shopping”, or buying from a dealer. In jail they will not get the proper treatment they need. If those close to the Addict are not willing to do the Intervention on their terms it will be done on someone else.

Always remember, every addict quits! It is just how do they quit, Jail, Incapacitation, Death, or getting SOBER?  Please contact HEALing sea turtle and let us help you in the HEALing Process.

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