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Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol InterventionAlcohol Intervention: This is the most common type of addiction because it is legal to consume alcohol and for that reason it makes the Alcoholic harder to accept their disease. The Alcoholic is able to rationalize that since they are not doing cocaine, heroin, or even smoking pot that they are not doing anything wrong. The truth of it is though, they are usually in worse shape than someone with a drug addiction. Alcohol detoxification is one of the most dangerous to do and should only be done with a professional.  In most cases, the Alcoholic still has a job, family, and some assets. 70% of all Alcoholics are either working or in school. This is not the case with all but most, so it makes the family more resistant to the Intervention / Treatment process. If Alcohol was the problem they would,  “Just able to stop on their own if they wanted to.” But, Alcohol is not the problem it is the medicine. This is why families need to use a professional Interventionist.

Alcohol Interventions are similar to opiate (pain medication) interventions because alcohol is a depressant and they has a physical dependency associated with them. It is bad enough to be dependent mentally, but also being physically dependent and facing a sickness (sometimes) during withdrawal makes continued drinking after intervention less attractive. The reality is the alcoholic will most likely not receive the intervention because many families think the alcoholic can just stop on their own.  This is not something the family does deliberately, like anything else it is a learned behavior taught either by the alcoholic themselves or some person in the world not educated on an alcoholic intervention.

Alcohol Interventions is put off more than other types because the people around them say, if they would just quit it would all be better!”  Alcoholic interventions are put off for these reasons and unfortunately, we usually do not get alcoholic intervention calls until something bad happens.  If families would do an early intervention, early enough instead of waiting, it would be much easier to get the alcoholic sober.  The problem usually is the families wait, instead of calling upon an alcoholic interventionist when it starts to affect the quality of the family’s life.

This is why at HEAL we are wanting to do the intervention sooner than later. The truth of it is THE ALCOHOLIC CAN NOT JUST STOP, on their own. They would if the could. This disease not only affects them but everyone around them. The Alcohol is not the problem it is the medicine.  Contact HEAL today and let our professionals start the HEALing process for Alcoholic and the people around them.

Always remember, every Alcoholic quits! It is just how do they quit, jail, incapacitated, death, or getting SOBER?  Please contact HEALing sea turtle and let us help you in the HEALing Process.

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