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Crisis Intervention

Crisis InterventionCrisis Intervention: Most crisis interventions are when a major dramatic or emotional event has taken place.  These include, put not limited to, overdose, arrest, or suicide attempt, to name a few. The sad portion though is once the “CRISIS” has passed they don’t follow through. Families / Corporations feel the event has passed the substance abuser involved has, “learned their lesson,” and it won’t happen again.

This is the time to do an Intervention. It is the BEST time to start the HEALing process. When something has just happened, the Alcoholic / Addict, feels the most vulnerable. Unless the problem is delt with quickly the Alcoholic / Addict returns to medicate themselves over the issue they have just had because it is all they know how to do.

Almost all crisis intervention is done on people and families who have already endured several “crisis” with the Alcoholic / Addict. The cycle is just repeating itself. Stop the cycle and begin the HEALing process. What crisis are you going to face before it is just too much to take. We tell families / corporations if you do not do a crisis alcohol / drug intervention on your terms their will be a crisis drug intervention on someone else’s terms such as law enforcement or an institution. Another crisis is always coming until treatment is sought. Crisis Intervention is a time to bring a non-emotionally attached Interventionist to the table to lead the family / corporation to the proper treatment.

What if we do not have people who keep cool in times of crisis in our family?  Or they say,  “I just can’t deal with this right now”?  The reality is most people panic in a crisis situation and become incapable of thinking logically or clearly.  Imagine a loved one addicted to Meth, Heroin, or Cocaine.  What about the Alcoholic who just picked up their second or third DUI / DWI and wants you to bail them out?  These things take a major toll on families / corporations emotions, health, finances, and sanity.  The sad truth is most families / corporations do try to fix the crisis themselves or think it will get better on its own instead of consulting about crisis intervention.  Don’t wait for your loved one to face a crisis situation that cannot be “fixed”. HEALing sea turtle can find the right treatment center for your Alcoholic / Addict.

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