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Drug Intervention

Drug InterventionDrug Intervention: Most people, families and corporations, feel the reason for the intervention is because of the drug use. The truth of it is the “Drugs” are the medicine for the Addict. Drug Addicts do a great job in selling everyone “HOPE” that they will one day be better. They are very good at it! They are so good at selling hope they even can sell themselves. The reality of it is, tomorrow never comes for the Addict. Most Drug Addicts believe the problem is with everyone else but THEM. They are in denial of what the truth is. At a HEALing sea turtle Intervention we are most often faced with stubborn, self centered, self absorbed people, who take no accountability for their actions and blame their problems on everything else, but themselves. It is very rare to see an Addict take ANY responsibility for actions or usage. They live in the world that if everyone would just act the way they want all would be well with the world.

Drug Addicts are almost always willing to do the easiest, shortest treatment they can do and that is close to home. This usually leads to a serious problem in the HEALing process because substance abusers are always looking for instant gratification which involves the path of least resistance. This is one of the many reasons why they choose their drug of No Choice. The reason it is called the Drug of NO CHOICE verses the drug of choice, as others refer to it as, is there is a physical dependency along with a mental one for the Addict. They DO NOT have a choice whether to use drugs or not! YET! Drug Addicts convince families and friends if confronted with a drug intervention they would just check out or they wouldn’t go. Drug Addicts actually try to manipulate you into thinking that the way things are right now are the way they should be. We at HEAling sea turtle quiet often hear, “They will never go for it and if we make them go they will just say no or leave treatment on their own.” Addicts try in earnest to convince family and friends they can fix the problem by going to meetings, or seeing a doctor, and promising you every time when something bad happens they will just stop using and they mean it this time. HEALing sea turtle Interventions focus on the reality that the Addict is the least qualified to make any decision in regards to their treatment or diagnosis. The Addicts idea of “fixing” the issue thus far has been to self-medicate with drugs.

Drug Intervention is needed because it returns the sanity and power back to the family and out of the Addicts hands. Families may still have issues, they need to work on themselves, but this is done while the Addict is at treat and it allows everyone the opportunity to HEAL.  It is important to understand that a drug intervention is far easier with a professional, because with just the family by themselves, the Drug Addict will convince the family when confronted, that they can beat the addiction with the least level of care such as outpatient, doctors, psychiatrist, or meetings. HEALing sea turtle intervention teaches you to recognize all of the Addicts manipulations. Drug Addicts teach families learned behavior. You get mad and upset again and again until you stop getting upset. The Addict has in their mind won, because you have stopped getting upset. This is why at HEAL we have seen and heard all of this from families and their addicts and are trained in starting the HEALing process for families through the intervention. If drug intervention is not sought for the family, the Addict will continue to manipulate the family and get worse and worse in their addiction. Please Contact HEAL today so that we can set you up with one of our Professional Interventionist and start the HEALing process for everyone.

Always remember, every addict quits! It is just how do they quit, Jail, Incapacitation, Death, or getting SOBER?  Please contact HEALing sea turtle and let us help you in the HEALing Process.

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